5 tips to care for your brace

Want to make 2018 the year you improve your smile and gain confidence with a course of teeth straightening? In this month’s blog we look at 5 top tips to enable you to care for your brace and oral health, ensuring that you get the best possible results from your teeth straightening treatment.
1. Brush after every meal


Whilst undergoing teeth straightening, it is very important that you brush your teeth and braces after every meal. Food particles can easily become trapped, leading to plaque, gum disease and tooth decay. Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you in your bag, in the car and in your desk at work to ensure that you always have the tools you need to brush, even after meals on the go. Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking as this can cause damage your teeth, wait approximately 40 minutes.


2. Floss teeth at least twice a day

Use floss and interdental cleaning aids to clean those areas between teeth that brushing alone misses. This helps to further reduce the risk of developing bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay.

3. Avoid fizzy drinks, sodas, carbonated drinks and fruit juices


Fizzy drinks are often high in sugar and can be acidic. If you do not clean your teeth properly this can lead to tooth decay and acid erosion, whether you have fixed or removable braces. Wherever possible try to drink these drinks through a straw to reduce the time the liquid is in contact with your teeth.

4. Get any damage repaired quickly

If your brace becomes damaged, it is important that you book an appointment to come in as soon as possible. This will ensure that the dentist can assess and repair any damage, ensuring that your teeth straightening treatment continues as planned. If left this can delay treatment, meaning that you will need to wear your brace for longer and can cause teeth to regress to their original position.

5. Don’t skip appointments


Missing appointments consistently will extend the time that you need to wear you braces and can hinder your ability to achieve a gorgeous and perfectly straight smile. If you need to rearrange an appointment for any reason it is not a problem, just ensure that you rebook for an upcoming day not several weeks later.

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