7 Benefits of Dental Implants

Have you been struggling with your moving dentures? Looking for something to replace a missing tooth?

Adult permanent teeth can be lost for many reasons. Decay, injury, or breaking can lead to a need to repair your smile. Below are 7 remarkable benefits that dental implants can have for the health and function of your mouth; allowing you to eat, drink, laugh and regain that amazing smile.

Natural Appearance

Once restored with a crown, bridge or denture, your dental implants will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth. The highly experienced dentists at College Dental Surgeries will match the colour and shade of your natural teeth, so no-one will know you have had your teeth replaced unless you tell them.

Bone health

When you lose your teeth, the bone that was around them starts to dissolve. Its purpose is to hold your teeth in place but once your teeth are gone, the body will reabsorb the bone leading to significant bone loss in the jaw. However by having dental implants it is possible to stop and even reverse the bone loss. Dental implants are made from titanium, which is a strong metal alloy that bones simply love to grow onto. Once this is securely placed in the jaw, the bone will be encouraged to grow back and remain in place for as long as the dental implant is there, helping to reduce and reverse bone loss in a beneficial way.


Once in place, dental implants should last for years, in most cases you will only need dental implant surgery once in your lifetime. The teeth that are attached to the dental implant may need to be replaced after many years but this is easily done without interrupting the structural integrity of the dental implant.

Varied Diet

Once in place you will be able to eat a full and varied diet. No food will be off limits allowing you to eat foods you may not have had for many years.

Improved speech and comfort

Sliding dentures and missing teeth can cause speech impediments and discomfort. Although there may be some tenderness in the days after the procedure to fit dental implants, once that has gone, you will literally not notice that you have dental implants fitted.Dental implants will allow you to talk, laugh, smile, and sing without worrying about your teeth falling out or causing you to lisp.

Improved self-esteem

If you no longer need to worry about talking, eating, or your appearance and you can be confident that your teeth look beautiful and will not fall out, this will naturally improve your self-esteem.

Reduces The Chances of Further Teeth Being Lost

If you have a missing tooth, it means the teeth on either side of the gap can move and also have more pressure applied to them when you are chewing. This can weaken them to the point that they become loose and ultimately fall out. With a dental implant filling that gap, it supports the adjacent teeth and negates the risk of further tooth loss.

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