Anti- Snoring Treatment

Snoring can be very irritating for your partner and can cause bad or interrupted sleep. Somnowell is proven to be one of the best treatments to stop snoring. 


Untreated sleep apnoea is believed to reduce life expectancy by up to 10 years and increases the chance of premature dealth by 30%. While snoring, bruxism, and TMJ cause misery and suffering to countless sufferers. The Somnowell could be the lifetime solution you are looking for.

The Somnowell is the world’s first 4th generation oral device for snoring and sleep apnoea.

Individually designed by Consultant Orthodontist Dr. Simon Ash. Handmade from chrome cobalt alloy (or gold) the Somnowell is a lifetime solution and the most slim-line, comfortable, and hygienic device available.

It is recommended by the British snoring an sleep apnoea association

Plastic mandibular advancement devices can work, however the strength required makes them bulky and uncomfortable, frequently causing people to abandon this treatment option. Furthermore plastic devices push against the front teeth which often leads to unwanted tooth movements. They also tend to lock the jaws in one position which can cause jaw pain. Ultimately all plastic devices must be regularly replaced because they deform and degrade in the mouth. Overtime the plastic is infested with oral fungi and bacteria, becoming smelly and unsightly and eventually falling apart. Getting used to a new device each time can also be difficult, furthermore it is inconvenient, time consuming, and expensive.

The chrome cobalt Somnowell is extremely strong and has a thin cradle design unique to each patient, making it very comfortable in the mouth, and an easy option to use every night. The Somnowell’s unique features mean the front teeth are not touched, as a result the appliance is very discreet and safer for the front teeth. The active connecting mechanism allows the jaw to move around which further enhances comfort and reduces the chances of jaw pain. The Somnowell is impervious to bacteria and does not deform or degrade in the mouth, leaving it clean and fresh every day for years and years.


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