Budget for your dentistry

Denplan: Budget For Your Dentistry

Here at College Dental Surgeries we have been able to offer Denplan monthly payment plans for over 15 years. Denplan was founded in 1986 by two dentists who wanted to offer their patients an alternative to NHS dentistry. The key focus of all Denplan Plans is to ensure that patients receive the best possible preventative dental care.

Denplan is a capitation scheme which allows you to spread the cost of your dental treatment into manageable monthly amounts. This helps to save you money, gives you peace of mind and encourages you to attend the dentist regularly without having to worry about cost.

At College Dental Surgeries we offer Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a monthly payment plan which is based on an assessment of your dental health. Denplan Care helps you pay for your routine and restorative dental treatment. You will need to ensure that you have no outstanding dental treatment prior to joining this kind of plan.

Denplan Care covers you for all routine and restorative dental treatment. The only additional costs would be for laboratory fees on items such as crowns, bridges or dentures. Denplan Care does not cover treatment excluded by your dentist in your contract, referral to a specialist,teeth straightening, dental implants, cosmetic treatments and sedation fees.

By attending the dentist regularly, it is possible to spot and avoid dental problems before they happen, protecting your teeth and therefore saving you from extensive dental restorations. Denplan Care allows you to keep your teeth in excellent condition without worrying about unexpected bills and allows you to receive treatment fast in the event of a dental emergency.

The plan is paid for by a monthly direct debit, with a one-off joining fee of £15.00, allowing costs to be spread into easy, manageable amounts, spread over the year. This will allow you to very clearly budget for you dental care and help to prevent any nasty surprises. Denplan also covers emergency out of hours treatment call out fees whether you are at home or abroad.

If you are interested in finding out more details of any of our Denplan Care plan, do not hesitate to call the surgery on 01622 752340 or ask one of the team at our next visit.