Are you experiencing these three signs? You may need root canal!

Posted By admin On September 3rd, 2019 in News

Root canal treatment is designed to remove infection that has built up in the root canal of the tooth, thereby eliminating the pain.  The procedure involves removal of infected nerve and pulp tissue of the affected tooth.  While root canal treatments have an outdated reputation for being painful, the truth...

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5 Top dental hygiene questions answered

Posted By admin On August 6th, 2019 in News

Are you brushing and flossing enough? Are you using the right technique? If not, you risk not only cavities but also other health problems. In this month’s blog we look at some of the best ways to protect your smile. What is the best way to brush? It is important...

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5 Dental Myths Busted!!

Posted By admin On July 9th, 2019 in News

When it comes to taking care of your teeth and smile there are a number of misconceptions that can be damaging your dental health. Myth 1 – The harder you brush the cleaner your teeth will be Brushing too hard or using a too abrasive toothbrush can harm your teeth...

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Enjoy your ice creams pain free

Posted By admin On June 4th, 2019 in News

With the sun shining, there is nothing better than enjoying an ice cream or two, whether at the beach, on a day out or a home in the garden. However, if you suffer with sensitive teeth an ice cream can very quickly lose its appeal. In this month’s blog the...

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Get your smile summer ready

Posted By admin On May 7th, 2019 in News

It is that time of year again, the diary is filling up and more and more weekends seem to be busy with special events. Here at College Dental Surgeries we know that having a smile you can be confident in can help make special events easier. There will no longer...

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The biggest threat to dental health

Posted By admin On April 9th, 2019 in News

Gum disease is currently the leading cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK. Gum disease is surprisingly easy to overlook as it is often painless, which means that it can go unnoticed. Signs of gum disease There are 7 main symptoms you should keep your eye out for:...

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Dental implants – are they for you?

Posted By admin On March 12th, 2019 in News

Still not sure if dental implants are right for you? In this blog we look at the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Advantages Closest possible replacement for natural teeth Dental implants are currently the...

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Growing Old Gracefully

Posted By admin On February 5th, 2019 in News

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people turning to facial aesthetics treatments to help them grow old gracefully. Here at College Dental Surgeries we want to ensure that we are always able to offer you a wide range of treatments and...

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Our New Year’s Resolution

Posted By admin On January 9th, 2019 in News

This year, here at College Dental Surgeries our new year’s resolution is to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Have you been putting off getting your perfect smile? Looking for a brighter, straighter or fuller smile? Here at College Dental Surgeries we are able to offer range of...

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Guarantee a white Christmas

Posted By admin On December 11th, 2018 in News

The team at College Dental Surgeries have the perfect way to ensure that this Christmas is white, with a course of at home teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dental treatment as it is non-invasive, provides fast results and most importantly it works. Teeth whitening can dramatically...

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