Price List

College Dental Surgeries Fees: Our Fees are designed with our patients in mind. We offer very affordable dentistry and patients have remarked about how competitive our fees are. We also have a payment plan called Denplan to help patients spread the cost of their routine dental care fees. Call us now to find out about any special offers we may have.

New patient consultation £50
Exam £30
Hygienist visit £42
X-rays From £5
Amalgam Fillings:
    Small From £40
    Medium From £50
    Large from From £60
Composite (White) Fillings
    Small From £50
    Medium From £70
    Large From £90
Root Canal treatment
    Anterior From £120
    Premolar From £150
    Molar From £220
Extractions From £55
    Metal From £200
    PFM From £300
    e-max From £450
    Zirconia From £550
    Gold From £500
Acrylic dentures
    1-3 teeth From £270
    4-8 teeth From £320
    9 or more From £360
    Full dentures From £600
Cobalt chrome dentures From £700
Implants P.O.A
Cosmetic Orthodontics (Cfast) P.O.A

Special offers

Teeth Straightening,
Teeth Whitening & Dental Implants

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