Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Maidstone KentTeeth Whitening is an effective and a very safe way of whitening the colour of your natural teeth without damaging your teeth. Best results are achieved when done professionally. When patients are asked to name the one thing they feel would improve their smile, the majority answer: whiter teeth.

Here at College Dental Surgeries, we know the importance of having a bright, white smile – for social and business appearances – but mostly for the self confidence a dazzling smile gives you.

Tooth whitening is the safest and most cost efficient cosmetic treatment which cause no damage to your teeth. College Dental Surgeries only use premium whitening products including the Enlighten system which uses the latest technology to deliver the very best results, and having whitened thousands of teeth, we will ensure you achieve the smile you deserve.

Teeth Whitening is sometimes necessary when the natural colour of your tooth is darkened or stained by food and drinks, calculus or tartar, smoking and ageing. Teeth Whitening may not be suitable for all patients and the team at College Dental Surgeries will assess you first and discuss the treatment in detail with you if it will be suitable for you.

Teeth Whitening is now a very affordable treatment book a free assessment by contacting us via our link or by calling 01622 752340 and let us deliver the smile you always wanted.